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Tuesday-Thursday: 10am-6pm
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Closed: Monday, Sunday and Public Holidays
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This month Interlude artist Bryden Williams is facing completion of his Masters of Fine Arts degree. After two and a half years of research in Rozelle, a residency in the Bogong National Park and an exchange in Germany his thesis is finished (!) and the examination work is almost installed.

Opening Thursday at 6pm with drinks and nibblies, Bryden is joining the twelve MFA and PhD candidates who are presenting their work in a public graduate exhibition, being held at SCA Galleries.
Sydney College of the Arts
The University of Sydney
Kirkbride Way, off Park Drive
Lilyfield, NSW (enter opposite Cecily Street)

The exhibition runs 6-9pm Thursday 21st, open 11-5pm Friday and 11-4pm Saturday.
Image: Untitled (Duddawarra intervention), Bryden Williams, 2017

We welcome you to our upcoming exhibition ‘Packed To The Rafters’ by Sydney based installation and performance artist Luke O’Donnell.

Opening Night: Thursday 21st September 6–8pm
Closing Feast: Saturday 30th September 3–5pm

Luke has been an Interlude Artist since 2015 and an active member of the arts community. His exploration of the relationship between structural elements and spatial forms, lends him to be a sort of amateur structural engineer. Concerned with the histories and meanings imbued within these structures, Luke asks us to consider how we come to understand and define concepts such as home, shelter, space and belonging.

Interlude Gallery.

“Antecedents hold a place in all things. Everything has a place and purpose, but everything also holds history and meaning. Be it a wall half completed or a roof by itself. Objects and devices speak to people in particular ways. A house can be built with four walls and a roof, but these simple individual items, a wall or a roof, bare a particular heritage that lends itself to each persons history while also holding a place in their current existence. We all exist within spaces no matter what circumstance one finds themselves in. In the project ‘Packed To The Rafters’ these defining building blocks of a shelter will all be placed within the gallery. The show is an exploration of the breaking point of these pieces of shelter. How long can a wall be pushed or pulled before it will break. How high must something be dropped from before it no longer constitutes its original use. If the pieces lay together in a abnormal assembly are they still a ‘shelter’. The show will incorporate various structures and two video works concerning these queries. In an effort further understand a shelters definition.”

—Luke O’Donnell

Thanks to everyone who came and visited us at the Sydney Contemporary fair, we had a intense but pleasant time there alongside other exhibitors in the future section. As a non-for-profit organisation our values are core to us, as always we try to create capital for our artists and volunteer based space, which we feel was successfully demonstrated at the fair through our ever changing platform. Throughout the 5 days, we presented 5 different exhibitions, showing the work of 10 local and international artists to thousands of visitors! Thanks to all our artists, collaborators and interns, who made this possible, pataphisycally yours,

Interlude Gallery.

You can now explore our preview for Sydney Contemporary with works from our Mexican and Australian based Artists with Ocula: HERE

Any enquiry please email:

As part of the Sydney Contemporary 2017 public program Interlude Gallery will be taking over the Kinokuniya Sydney exhibition space with the work of our Interlude artists Bryden Williams and Chris Sutevski, alongside Interlude collaborator Szymon Dorabialski.

Opening night: Thursday 31st August 6-8pm
1 – 30 September
Exhibition runs throughout September open standard Kinokuniya Sydney hours.

About the show:
Curated by Isabel Rouch & Misael M.
‘While Sutevski explores drawing through computer systems = input/output in a work titled ‘Google Recursive’, Williams and Dorabialski will inhabit the gallery space with idiosyncratic installation and video, giving you a taste of the extensively varied yet complimentary approaches of contemporary practice. This is the first of a series of “inoculations” in which the organisation will inhabit varied spaces, promoting dialogue through intersections, symbiosis and nomadism as a way of free knowledge and experience sharing.

Interlude artist Kai Wasikowski will be part of a group show at WELLINGTON ST PROJECTS curated by Elyse Goldfinch who also happens to be part of our Writers Program, kudos to both of them!

Wednesday 30 August 6 – 8pm
1 – 10 September
11 – 5 pm Fri – Sun

About the show:
Curated by Elyse Goldfinch, ‘thing in itself’ presents new works by Ara Dolatian, Kath Fries, Hannah Rose Carroll Harris, Zhu Ohmu and Kai Wasikowski. This exhibition is concerned with the hybridised and symbiotic relationship between human and non-human ecologies in the age of the Anthropocene. Acting as a provocation towards the destabilisation of humanist thought, thing in itself explores the poetics of viewing objects within the new geological age as artworks exist within an entangled ecosystem, exploring the mutually dependent web of living and non-living materials. This relationship will cultivate and degenerate as artworks adapt, transform and dissipate over the course of the exhibition.

As part of the Sydney Contemporary public program 2017, Interlude Gallery will be presenting Intermural, showcasing six of their Sydney based emerging artists, whose practices range from painting, sculpture, installation, video and performance. Intermural will be a celebration of these intersections between the walls of our physical space. Join the artists for an inaugural soirée, with exclusive performance works, and cocktails by Poor Toms Gin.

Opening Night Cocktail Soirée: Saturday 9th September 7 – 9pm Exhibition runs from 5th – 16th of September Location: Interlude Gallery, 11/131-145 Glebe Point Rd. Glebe. Cost: Free
Featuring Artists: Hana Hoogedeure, Kaspar Kägi, Bryden Williams, Chris Sutevski, Luke O’Donnell, Apolonia Dorabialski

Intermural is an exception to the rule; this exhibition emphasizes the ephemeral and perpetual events that occur between the walls that construct our shelters/houses, especially the gallery space and its consequential implications. We wonder about the possibilities of the internal sphere and the boundaries we establish with the “Xternal”, the outside, our beyond. The physical, mental and atmospherical transformations that take place in these liminal junctures, and their possible effects on our realities. In fewer words, we are trying to figure out, to understand a bit better, under the natural and antinatural capacities given, what happens when you enter “A” space, delimited by corners, shapes and lines; a space that contains its own biosphere with strange creatures, a diverse flora and fauna and in which we become a sort of explorer, pioneers in the realm of our own mind.

–Misael M & Isabel Rouch (Directors)

Note to the public: • Please note the gallery is currently closed to the public in preparation for our @sydneycontemporary program! We will be re-opening with standard hours from Tuesday the 5th of September

Thanks to Sydney Contemporary Director Barry Keldoulis for the mention in this article from The Upsider! To read the article please click:


Our current exhibition “The Goat of Luxury” will be closing with our programmatic closing feast!
Make sure you visit for the last time this excellent show, our closing events are an opportunity to discuss with the artist and the public in a more colloquial manner, while provided with food from the artists hand.

Saturday 19th of August 2017 3–5pm

The Parent Trap

When: 15th – 27th August. Opening tomorrow (15th) night 6 – 8pm. Open Sat and Sun only after opening night. 11-6pm
Where: Our Neon Foe, 411 Parramatta Rd, Leichhardt.

Interlude artists Hana Hoogedeure & Luke O’Donnell will be exhibiting at Our Neon Foe, opening tonight from 6–8pm. So if you feel like starting your week on a good tune, don’t miss this duo