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Interlude Gallery is excited to invite you to the opening of our upcoming exhibition Absolute Kippleization by Rachel Honnery.

“No one can win against kipple, except temporarily and maybe in one spot (…) But eventually I’ll die or go away, and then the kipple will again take over (…) The entire universe is moving toward a final state of total, absolute kippleization.”
– P. K. Dick, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, 1968.

Rachel Honnery’s solo show absolute kippleization explores notions of the human and the machine and provides a bleak warning against the pressures of kipple on our natural world. Inspired by P.K. Dick’s 1968 post-apocalyptic novel, this exhibition brings together science and art. Honnery uses the tangability of discarded hard plastics to remind us of the effects that these now useless objects are having on our marine environments. As P.K. Dick warned us ‘when nobody is around, kipple reproduces itself (…) It gets more and more.’

Opening night: Thursday 8th Feb 6-8pm
Closing feast: Saturday 17th Feb 3-5pm

‘Absolute kippleization fuses both science and art, in order to give a voice to our marine life. It combines scientific investigation, method and data, with visual analysis and interpretation. The work allows me to think like a scientist through collecting evidence, repeating processes, classifying specimens and inputting data. Absolute kippleization requires scientific processes and data results for it to literally take shape and form.
Approximately every fortnight for 12 months I collected, documented, cleaned and categorised hard plastic, including straws, bottles, lids, toys, cigarette lighters and cotton buds, forming over 19 cluster samples. Including prints of the cluster samples taken at Congwong Beach, in excess of 200 specimen jars containing sorted plastic found at the Beach and graphs that abstractly document and analyse volume, absolute kippleization reminds us of vast and overwhelming challenges that we face in the age of the Anthropocene.’
– Rachel Honnery

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We are excited to announce our first Interlude exhibition of the new year, Gathering Mist by Canberra based artist Amber Grace opens this Thursday 25th January 6-8pm ~
The solo show is a conspicuous object design installation, which aims to transform the space and viewers experience of it. By adopting natural elements crafting and manipulating them to the point of simplicity and intricacy, Grace uses controlled environments, inviting the public to submerge and not emerge, in the captivating experience of an artificial habitat, a projection of her experience in the green lands of Scotland and other paradisical landscapes. This a singular exhibition at Interlude Gallery, which prospects to bring dialogue with other disciplines of the creative practice; design, installation, object design and visual arts merge together in Gathering Mist.

Closing Feast: Saturday 3rd February 3-5pm. Our opening events continue to be generously sponsored by local distillers
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We are excited to announce the publication of our Annual Interlude Gallery Almanac, for the third consecutive year!
Simply follow the pledge link to pre-order one of the limited edition, soft cover books, with a courtesy signed artist print.

The Interlude Print Almanac continues to be an important element of our organism, presenting the annual transformations via coupling our exhibition photo documentation and writers program contributions. In addition to the ongoing online archive, this third physical edition continues to showcase the values that Interlude holds, but in print!
The 2017 Almanac now available for pre-order, is designed by the Interlude Team, and will be printed locally by Carbon8, Sydney to maintain the highest quality of colour printing with their HP INDIGO DIGITAL PRESS. The approx. 88 page publication will feature a soft cover, perfect for cuddling, with 150gsm paper and ‘perfect binding’ for all your page turning needs.

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Interlude Gallery is pleased to invite you to our final show of the year, ‘Language Disorder III.’
‘Language Disorder III’ is the third edition of our yearly show ‘Language Disorder’, which explores the cultural properties of language, and its potential as an open source and vector in a perpetual permeable state.

Opening night: Thursday 7th of December 6-8pm

In 2017, we expand upon preceding projects and events, and speculate upon the processes entailed within systems of language. The notion of language as collaboration expands upon its possibilities as both tool and site for the production and transmission of symbiotic commutations. Following our current collaborative zine project, we bring together our Interlude Associated Artists and Interlude Writer’s Program in one show. The same artist/writer duos will extend their collaboration within the gallery space: they will exhibit, perform and/or read new works that have been produced through their interactions.
Language is multifarious, amorphous, and its physicality can be tangible or nebulous. It takes form through text, the verbal word, objects, symbolism, and kinesics and physiognomy. It opens up a transformative space for the dissolution and transference of ideas and imprints. In ‘Language Disorder III’ we aim to potentialise diverse and interdisciplinary dynamism and synergy. We resist linguistics systemic hold, to explore and encounter the phenomenal permutations of language across space, time and form.

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Join us for the closing feast of ‘Geon’, this Saturday 2nd December from 3-5pm. The exhibition by Sydney College of the Arts graduates Yves Lee, Luke O’Connor, Kalanjay Dhir and Bella A Taylor, reflects on the transformative power of clay: its malleable tactility, its temporal trajectory and its processes of symbiotic exchange which materialise individual impressions.

Closing feast: Saturday 2 of December 3-5 pm

The Interlude Writer’s Program is now calling out for 2018!


Our program fosters writers who are open to transform and be transformed by a collaborative experience. We are interested in building a robust and communicative program of members, who are energised by collaboration, and committed to engaging with the art space and its community.

Interlude’s writer’s program is not about art writing or art criticism, but an interaction and friction with artists and other writers. It’s about the experience of engaging and producing text that is not just complimentary to the artwork but speaks for itself. Our community is diverse and interdisciplinary, giving our work access to a vast audience. The writers that we work with explore and challenge form, disciplines, and must be looking to collaborate.

Our program is structured by physical meet ups and events, as well as developing your own collaborations with artists and the group. In 2018, our program is structured by:

• Artist/Writer collaboration – each artist is assigned to an artist to collaborate and respond to their work in a text-based medium. We will initiate and facilitate contact with yourself and the artist who’s exhibition you have elected to write for. We will also provide artist statements, extra information, and any images available from the proposed work to assist with developing ideas about the show and artist/s.
• Quarterly formal meetings, along with monthly casual meet ups – aiming to foster communication, discussions and the development of ideas with fellow writers and collaborators.
• Closing feast – the closing feast is a ritual event included in the curatorial dynamic of each exhibition. It’s held on the last Saturday afternoon of every show and is an informal opportunity for the public to view it on its final day and for members of the community to interact with the artist and their work. The events are usually catered by the artist and feature a reading or performance by the writer who contributed their work to that exhibition. The writers reading or performance at this closing event is an optional opportunity offered primarily to assigned writer but also open to other writers from the program who would like to respond to the show in some way.
• Writer’s Symposium – an extension of the Writer’s Program that explores new places and spaces to inoculate. Expanding on the written word with performance, reading and discussion.

• Please send all submissions to:

Interlude Gallery is pleased to invite you to our upcoming exhibition ‘Geon’, a sculptural show by four recent SCA graduates; Yves Lee, Luke O’Connor, Kalanjay Dhir and Bella A Taylor.
The group explores the transformative power of clay: its malleable tactility, its temporal trajectory, its processes of symbiotic exchange which materialise individual impressions.

Opening night: Thursday 23 of November 6-8 pm
Closing feast: Saturday 2 of December 3-5 pm

“‘Geon’ is shorthand for geological eon, a history of measuring planetary history into inevitably anthropocentric units. In unpacking the nature of clay and mineral earth as a data set, each artist will mould personal and impersonal memories into their work in attempting to grapple with human and non-human conceptions of material time. Every culture has an image of after-life and end-time and so, at a time when the world is warming by human impression, ‘Geon’ asks in what image might the culture of our earthen crust take form?”

– Yves Lee, Luke O’Connor, Kalanjay Dhir and Bella A Taylor.

Sponsored by Poor Toms Gin