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Interlude Gallery

“Ventilation is the profound secret of existence.”
― Peter Sloterdijk

Interlude Gallery apologises before hand for being unable to offer you, dear sympathizer, any possible and categorical depiction of what we “are”. We find it extremely difficult to introduce ourselves with any sort of taxonomy to fill your expectations. Yes, we offer a space to present artistic practise to the public in general, yes we have the epithet of “gallery” with us, but all that is mere conventionality; we want to invite you to participate with us, not destroying paradigms, but rather transforming them. We want to bring you an experience, in all the extensions of the concept, to flood you with emotions. Our nature is closer to a node, an interface, we are an “assemblage” in a Deleuzian sense, an heterotopic space, a rhizomatic map, an ever changing platform, a resemblance of all human activity, we even dare to assert: Of all human nature. However we do focus on exploring the creative faculties of the mind. We hope that you will join us in a discovery of exceptional ways of living.

Interlude Gallery is currently sponsored by local Poor Toms Gin     

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  Interlude Gallery was selected for preservation as part of Australia’s Web Archive PANDORA by the National Gallery of Australia.