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Interlude Gallery is pleased to invite you to our upcoming exhibition ‘Geon’, a sculptural show by four recent SCA graduates; Yves Lee, Luke O’Connor, Kalanjay Dhir and Bella A Taylor.
The group explores the transformative power of clay: its malleable tactility, its temporal trajectory, its processes of symbiotic exchange which materialise individual impressions.

Opening night: Thursday 23 of November 6-8 pm
Closing feast: Saturday 2 of December 3-5 pm

“‘Geon’ is shorthand for geological eon, a history of measuring planetary history into inevitably anthropocentric units. In unpacking the nature of clay and mineral earth as a data set, each artist will mould personal and impersonal memories into their work in attempting to grapple with human and non-human conceptions of material time. Every culture has an image of after-life and end-time and so, at a time when the world is warming by human impression, ‘Geon’ asks in what image might the culture of our earthen crust take form?”

– Yves Lee, Luke O’Connor, Kalanjay Dhir and Bella A Taylor.

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Interlude Gallery invites you to the closing event for our current exhibition 32nd Day by Sydney based artists Yeliz Yorulmaz & Baki Kocaballi. Join the artists over drinks and food to discuss this engaging exhibition.

Closing feast: Saturday 18th of November 3–5pm
*Drinks by gold coin donation

Interlude Gallery is pleased to invite you to our upcoming exhibition (and one of the last of the year) by Sydney based artists Yeliz Yorulmaz & Baki Kocaballi. The duo will be reflecting on political tactics of control and demagogic turmoil. Current political strategies are superfluous, an empty vessel of obsolete ideologies.

Opening night: Thursday 9th of November 6-9pm
Closing feast: Saturday 18th of November 3–5pm
*Drinks by gold coin donation

“32nd Day explores the increasing affinity with conservative and authoritarian politics and governance in many countries and regions around the world. In contrast to the fast-paced technological developments, there are little advancements in the methods of governance in service of control-oriented desires of authoritarian political actors whose aim is to convert societies into their useless monolithic machines. 32nd Day speculates on this uselessness-producing ideology through a collection of little robotic structures, assemblages of technological waste, sculptural installations, and video works. “

—Yeliz & Baki

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Interlude welcomes you this Saturday to the closing event for our current exhibition ‘Interiors’ by Georgia Emslie. Come along and indulge in this evocative show, with culinary treats provided by the artist.

Closing Feast: Saturday 28th 3-5pm
*Drinks by gold coin donation

Interlude invites you to our one night only Live Auction featuring a variety of works from local and international artists.

Opening: Thursday 2nd Nov 6-9pm Live Auction from 7pm •

Interlude Gallery opened to the public in 2015, and has since been running as a non-for-profit organism, depending on the invaluable support and participation from the Sydney arts community, and their dynamic group of national and international collaborators and contributors.

By the end of 2017 Interlude will have presented 57 solo and groups exhibitions, bringing together artists and writers from around the globe with a focus on experimentation and collaboration.

In what will be their third annual fundraising auction, Interlude presents selected works from their Australian; US & Mexican based artists, alongside other invited participants. The live auction will be a one night only event open to the public, with all funds directed to the artists and Interlude Gallery’s 2018 program.

Featuring Interlude Artists: Davis Birks Julien Bowman Apolonia Dorabialski Mónica Escutia Megan Hales Hana Hoogedeure Kaspar Kägi Honey Long Mevna Laura Meza Orozco Helen Shelly Kai Wasikowski Avery Wheless Bryden Williams + Guest Artists: Dylan Batty Dean Cross Kuba Dorabialski Szymon Dorabialski Georgia Emslie Adrian De Giorgio Talia Smith Talitha Kennedy Baki Kocaballi Holly Macdonald Luke O’Connor Katy B Plummer Madeleine Preston Daniel Soma Julia Thwaites Agus Wijaya Yeliz Yorulmaz And more to be confirmed…

Email to request a full catalogue of works.
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Interlude Gallery writers program “Symposium”

Saturday 14th 1pm

This Saturday 14th, 1-2pm at Volume 2017 Another Art Book Fair Artspace Sydney Level G Theatrette, we will be presenting the first in a series of nomadic symposiums, featuring the rotating contributors our Interlude Writers Program. The symposium will be exploring ‘The act of writing’, opening discussion through live performances and readings by Stephanie Cobon, Harriet McInerney, Carla Uriarte, Jenny Alaca (Gucci Hummus Wayne) & Molly Morphew. Free entry!

More info: HERE

Interlude invites you to the opening of our upcoming exhibition ‘Interiors’ by Georgia Emslie. Georgia is concerned with representations of the female body and form within medical discourse. She recontextualises endoscopic imagery to explore the dynamic of power exercised by the medical institution. In Interiors, amorphous sculptural forms and drawings are offered for our own visual consumption, in order to highlight the ways in which the female body exists as a static object under the scientific gaze.

Opening Night: Thursday 19th 6-8pm
Closing Feast: Saturday 28th 3-5pm

“This is a body of work rooted in the human response to medical visualisation. There is a sense of strangeness that occurs through experiencing a visual representation of the body that cannot be assimilated into body image. It is a feeling that stands for more than just intuitive response, but for the way that our bodies are rendered external objects by the medical institution. They are to be kept at a distance, are seemingly out of our control and shrouded in mystery. This ‘strangeness’ has been the instigator of an exploration of the contradictory representations of female form surrounding us, From the medical institute to the sanitised suggestions of female form in the built environment. Interiors links the decorative objects in the surgery waiting room to the reality beyond. By playfully exposing the contradictions in how we respond to representations of the female body, it is ultimately conveyed as unseen.”

Sponsored by Poor Toms Gin

Interlude welcomes you to the closing event of our current exhibition ‘Plastic Realities’, a solo show of abstract paintings, plastic paintings and sculptures by Cornelis Timmer. Come and talk with the artist over some nibbles and wine.

Closing Feast: Saturday 14th October 3-5pm

Drinks by Gold Donation

The latest issue #34 of Runway Australian Experimental Art is up online, with some great work including two pieces by our Interlude Writers Program contributors; ‘The Cleworth Files’ by Daniel Soma, and ‘The moment before you hit the ground’ by Kathleen Linn, as well as ‘Failed State’ by our very own co-director Misael M. Well worth a read!

More info: HERE

Interlude Artist Honey Long will be part of Underbelly Arts festival a two-day celebration of Australian art along side artists Prue Stent and Amrita Hepi.

7-8th of October

National art school

Gentle. Protective. Expansive. The idea of a soft structure protecting you is absurd. However, we have made such a structure that will hold you. Please come and be in it with us as we discover the contradictions inherent in our ideas of utopia and the reasons the realities of those contradictions can lead to new possibilities.

More info: HERE